Privacy Policy

Securely Send Privacy Policy

Securely Send prides itself in providing a safe and secure way for users to send and receive files. Securely Send is committed to securing and protecting all information that is entered by users. Below is an outline of the information that Securely Send collects as well as how this information is used.

Services Overview
Securely Send is a web based service that allows users to send messages securely to other recipients along with files that will be stored on the Securely Send server in order for retrieval by the receiving parties. Files that are sent with Securely Send are stored securely on the server and will only be available to the intended recipients. In addition to standard sending of messages and files, paid members are able to password protect messages as well as request return receipts of messages.

Email Addresses
Email addresses are collected in order to send the secure messages and to specify the sender of the message. Email addresses are also used to send correspondence about the message transaction as well as periodic promotional email from Securely Send.

Personal Information
Securely send does not collect any additional information other than aforementioned email addresses. Users that sign up for a paid membership provide their name and billing information, but this information is processed separately through and is not used for any other purpose that transaction processing. Securely Send does use “cookies” which allow users to have the web service remember their preferences. Users may disable cookies in their browser and Securely Send only implements cookies for remembering user state information.

Registered Users
Registered users are considered to be anyone who has sent messages or files with Securely Send. As a registered user you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Securely Send as well as receive periodic newsletters, or promotional offers within Securely Send. If you would not like to receive emails from Securely Send you may unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of any messages or email us directly at: If you have any questions about Securely Send or our policies please feel free to contact us through the contact page or you may email us at: