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Sending Legal Files Over Email

When you send legal documents via email, there are several risks:

1. Traceability – you cannot determine where an email goes after it lands in the recipient’s inbox. It may be shared with a colleague or a rival firm. However, Document Collaboration tools show you the trail of the document.
2. Security –it means that it is easy for others to intercept, monitor, and alter the documents. In Agilewords, we offer server-side encryption of the document.
3. Receipt – Depending on the email software, it’s also difficult to tell if your colleague actually received the email.
4. Viruses – Every time you share a legal document by email, such as a legal contract, the response may contain a virus or malware
5. Mobility – The popularity of memory sticks and USB drives means that documents are easily shared ‘offline’ as well.

To curb such risks, Using Document Collaboration Software to Send Business Documents is the way to go.
Agilewords was developed to give users the piece of mind that their documents were secure. Furthermore, that there would be a single master copy and only authorized individuals could read the material. It reduces the risks posed by email in the following ways:

Traceability – It tells you, the Document Owner, of every change to the master document and sends you notifications showing who and where each document was edited.
Security – Documents are uploaded to the system via web pages that are secure. Reviewing of documents is also performed over a secure connection
Receipt – When you send a document for review, you can ask the reviewer to confirm they have received it and, as the review cycle comes to a close, send them a reminder to complete it on time.
Virus – no risks of viruses or malware. In addition, there is no installation required thus reducing maintenance and license costs.
Mobility – The master copy is retained online and shared with authorized individuals only.

Encryption is also important in sending legal files via email because of:

1) Traceability: Asymmetric encryption prevents anyone from handling the email unless the verified to.
2) Security: Again encryption, either Symmetric or Asymmetric can be used here
5) Being mobile: it enables you to move files in a way that can't be opened without a private key which live on your home and office computers.
With this software, you can speed up document reviews, reduce costs, and build trust.

SecurelySend offers the same service: you upload your file to the server and then get a link you can give to other people so that they can get the file. Securely Send allows you to organize the files you upload, control what access people have to, and set messages to automatically delete after being read. All of these options give you incredible control over how you end up sharing files and documents with your clients and with other firms.

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