About Securely Send - Use cases

Use cases

Many industries and professions require the sending of large files to clients and others. Securely Send allows all of these types of files to be sent easily.

Graphic Design

During the graphic design process many iterations of files are created, be it for website design, print design, advertising, or video production these files can easily exceed hundreds of megabytes each and are not able to be sent via traditional email. Securely Send makes is easy to send these large graphic files and receive confirmation once they have been received by clients.

Real Estate

The amount of files and data that is transferred during Real Estate transactions has grown drastically over the past few years. Most mortgage packages and appraisals, property information, etc can easily exceed the size constraints of standard email boxes. Send complete real estate packages easily with Securely Send.


With complex compliance standards and large amounts of data that needs to be sent with the Medical industry, Securely Send allows medical professionals to easily and safely send files with enhanced security options including password protection of sensitive information.


Manufacturing has gone digital and many times multiple iterations of processes and products need to be shared with others. Securely Send helps to facilitate the collaboration and sharing of these documents.


The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries and requires constant communication and sharing of mission critical code, documents, databases, and workflows. Track the files that you send and make sure that they are delivered quickly and efficiently.


Educational material is not just textbooks and worksheets anymore. Todays learning involves multimedia including videos, presentations, and course material. Send all of your training material to others quickly and easily.

Many More

Securely Send can be used by anyone from simply sending your family photos and videos to sending the next blockbuster movie production. See how Securely Send can help you by taking the hassle out of sending large files.